Main objective: Improving international scientific collaboration between Arctic sea ice scientists in Norway, Canada, and the USA, and facilitating work for the AMAP SWIPA follow-up process.

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Aims of the project

  1. enhance the international collaboration between Norway and North America in current Arctic Climate system studies such as N-ICE2015 and related studies (e.g. SHEBA and Fram Strait)
  2. contribute to the SWIPA follow up processes by intensifying the collaboration process within document writing, compiling input, and identifying key scientific work to be included
  3. conduct two international workshops on Arctic climate system science
  4. to disseminate results from new Arctic climate system research and their relevance within socio-economics and ecosystem impact studies.

ID Arctic is a project under the Arktis 2030 programme of the Norwegian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Climate and Environment.