Arto Miettinen

Research scientist, arctic paleoceanography
Arto Miettinen
Norwegian Polar Institute

Current activities

  • Variability of the spatial pattern of the past sea surface temperature (SST) in the North Atlantic, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean
  • Sea ice reconstructions from the polar oceans
  • Paleoclimate teleconnections between the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean
  • Ocean – sea ice – atmosphere interactions


  • 2014–: Research scientist, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • 2011–2014: Research scientist, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • 2007–2011: Post Doc, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway
  • 2002–2007: Post Doc, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • 2002: Ph.D. in Geology and Paleontology, University of Helsinki, Finland. Title "Relative sea level changes in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland during the last 8000 years"

Areas of interest and expertise

Paleoceanography and –climate of the North Atlantic and Arctic region during the Holocene, especially during the last 2000 years; Diatom inferred quantitative sea surface temperature reconstructions in the high-latitude oceans; Arctic sea ice variability; Variability of the ocean circulation and seesaw patterns; Ocean-atmosphere interactions; Sea level changes in the Baltic Sea basin during the Eemian (MIS 5e) and Holocene.