TopoSvalbard is a topographical map portal for Svalbard. It shows detailed topography and place names in addition to aerial photos and 3D view.

Printed maps

Find and order printed maps in the store.

Map data

 Geodata offers a selection of map service and basemap datasets.

Place names

You can find all Norwegian place names in the Arctic and the Antarctic are in an open database.

More about polar place names

Map archive

Find maps in the map archive.

Aerail photos

The aerial image archive consists of about 57 000 images from Spitzbergen, Greenland and The Antarctic, dating back to 1932. Images may be orded.


TopoJanMayen is topographical map portal for Jan Mayen. it shows detailed topography and place names.



Svalbardkartet is an interactive themed atlas of Svalbard supplemented with a rich dataset of environmental data layered on top of a detailed topographical base-map.

Marginal ice zone maps


Barentsportal is a thematic map of the Barents region.


Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets which works with the free, cross-platform, open-source software QGIS.



GeoSvalbard is a new mobile friendly viewer for geological maps of Svalbard. It shows the most detailed main map series as well as other maps and data sets, such as our sample archive.


Geologi on Svalbardbardkartet

Geological map and other thematic data from Svalbard.


Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

Offline map for Svalbard

Offline geological map of Svalbard for download and field use outside phone coverage.


Printed maps of Svalbard

Map data for Svalbard