Norvegia is a small, seasonal (austral summer) research station, located on Nyrøysa on the northwest corner of the sub Antarctic Island, Bouvetøya. The Norwegian Polar Institute has studied and monitored seals, penguins and other birds on Bouvetøya since the mid-1990s.

The station is approximately 1700 km north of Dronning Maud Land and 2500 km southwest of South Africa. Norvegia lies some few meters above sea level, adjacent to the coast.

Research at the station

Norvegia (and previous bases at the Nyrøysa site) has served as the home base for Norway’s CEMP activities since the mid 1990s.


 The island lacks a quay or harbour, and people and equipment have to be transported by helicopter.


The station provides sleeping and laboratory facilities suitable for small (6-person) field teams.

A remote weather station provides year-round data. The station is equipped with cameras and meteorological sensors which continually transmit data via satellite. It is self-sufficient as regards electricity, being supplied by wind and solar energy which operate the measuring equipment, also in the long periods when the station is unmanned.