Space borne measurements of Arctic Glaciers and implications for Sea Level (SPICE)

The main goal of this research project is to develop a scheme in which satellite data of varying nature can be combined to give detailed information on the mass budget of ice caps. We will verify retrieval algorithms with in situ measurements. The results will be implemented in models to make a quantitative statement on the current state of balance of a number of Arctic ice masses, and finally to improve estimates of the future contribution of Arctic ice masses to sea-level changes.
The in situ measurements we want to collect consist of: (i) meteorological observations from automatic weather stations (AWS), (ii) measurements on mass balance and surface characteristics along transects (mass balance, albedo, snow depth, snow density, snow temperature, water content), and (iii) In situ measurements of BRDF's (Bi-directional Reflection Distribution Functions) to be able to validate the results from the multi-angle optical sensors (WP3) (iv) and ice thickness and snow stratigraphy by radar sounding.