The Norwegian Polar Institute runs research in the Arctic and Antarctic. One of the Institute’s main tasks is to act as an advisory body for management where polar environmental issues are concerned. The oceans in the north and south, including the Barents Sea, are part of our geographical area.

Fieldwork and data collection have always been central to the Polar Institute: examples include studies of polar bears in Svalbard, drilling of ice cores in the Arctic and Antarctica, and measurement of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.The Polar Institute's research activities have traditionally been concentrated on biology, geology, geophysics and polar history. Modern polar research, however, requires a high degree of co-operation across disciplines and the researchers now work in multidisciplinary research programs.

Centre for ice, climate and ecosystems – ICE


The Norwegian Polar Institute collaborates with research institutions worldwide and contribute to national and regional research programs.

We participate in the research flagships of the Fram Centre and research cooperation in Antarctica. We also act as a contact point and facilitator for international polar research.

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Our researchers supervise many doctoral, master's and bachelor's degree students.

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