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  • Why Antarctica is melting?

    Melting at the base of Antarctica's Fimbul Ice Shelf is driven by warm surface water, as well as intermittent pulses of warmer, deeper water.

  • A window to the unknown: Lake Vostok has been confirmed opened

    The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) has received official confirmation from Russia that scientists have drilled through the ice to Lake Vostok, a lake under the Antarctic ice cap.

  • Recovery Lakes, East Antarctica: Radar assessment of sub-glacial water extent

    In 2007 four new large subglacial lakes were reported in the upper reaches of the Recovery ice stream, in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica. The collective extent of these lakes, whose existence was deduced from satellite data, would have put them among Antarctica’s largest, second only to Lake Vostok.

  • The glaciologists at the Fimbul Ice Shelf

    Glaciology is traditionally a male dominated field, however the glaciologists participating in the expedition to the Fimbul Ice Shelf are all women.