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  • Institute Director featured in documentary on climate change

    Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Dr. Jan-Gunnar Winther, participated in a two-part documentary on climate change, "Warmer", which premiered on the ABS-CBN News Channel in the Philippines 28 March 2016.

  • Annual Report 2015 published

    The Annual Report 2015 gives an overview of the Norwegian Polar Institute’s activities and achievements, financing and publications for 2015. It is in Norwegian with a summary in English. All captions and articles are in English as well as Norwegian.

  • Norwegian Polar Institute's annual report for 2010

    The annual report addresses the the Institute activities, financial statements and publications of 2010. It includes articles about climate change in the Norwegian Arctic, the update of the management plan for the Barents Sea and areas off the Lofoten Islands, logistics in Antarctica, and sea birds and the new Norwegian Red List.