Christina Alsvik Pedersen

Faglig koordinator / seniorrådgiver
Christina Alsvik Pedersen
Norsk Polarinstitutt


  • Scientific coordinator and researcher at Norwegian Polar Institute (2013-)
  • Advisor at University of Tromsø (2012-2013)
  • Researcher at Norwegian Polar Institute (2009-2012) 
  • Guest Scientist at University of Washington (2009) 
  • Post Doc Researcher at Norwegian Polar Institute (2008-2009) 
  • PhD position at Norwegian Polar Institute and University of Tromsø (2002-2008). PhD in Applied Statistics entitled: “Optical Properties of Snow and Sea Ice Albedo – Field Measurements, Parameterization Schemes and Validation”
  • M.Eng. in Applied Physics from University of Tromsø, 1997-2002

Interesser og spesialfelt

I am the scientific coordinator of the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) research station in Ny-Ålesund. I'm involved in organizing and coordinating the research in Ny-Ålesund at many levels from Flagship Programs, via Monitoring Program to environmental status work.

I hold a PhD in geophysics, and my research work focus on optical properties of snow and sea-ice, including field measurements from small scales (ground measurements) to regional scales (airborne measurements). Specifically, I have worked on quantifying how the short lived climate forcer, black carbon, affects the snow absorption when deposited on snow. My background from statistics, signal- and image processing often focus my work on the data processing side of the problems I work with.

I have extensive field work experience and have participated in nine field work/cruises since 2003, mostly in Ny-Ålesund and Svalbard area. I have been a scientific editor of Annals of Glaciology, as well as acting as reviewer for several journals. I was PI of the project Long range Transport of black carbon and the effect on Snow albedo in north-east China and in the Arctic (LOTUS), a 3 years project financed by Research Council of Norway. In addition I have been partner in several EU-funded and other RCN funded research projects.