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Introduction / Venue

The 6th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology

The international conference in arctic fox biology is the most important meeting point for arctic fox researchers, conservation managers, policy makers, tour operators, students and any other people interested in arctic foxes and its arctic habitats and ecosystems. It has for a long time been a tradition that end-users of environmental research, i.e. various stakeholders and management authorities participate at these conferences.

Since 1991, circumpolar arctic fox biologists have established a network which has previously arranged five international conferences in arctic fox biology. The conferences took place in Sweden in 1991 and 2009, in the UK in 2001, in Iceland in 2013 and in Canada in 2017. The now upcoming conference will for the first time be arranged by Norway, through the Norwegian Polar Institute, in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

The 6th international conference in arctic fox biology will be held at the Svalbard Research Park, University Studies in Svalbard (UNIS)/Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI),

Longyearbyen, Svalbard August 26-29, 2022.


For all of you who have already signed up for the conference that was scheduled to be held in 2021, which now has been postponed to 2022 because of COVID-19, have to register again.

There will be an opening for registration in January 2022.

Those of you who have previously paid the registration fee for the conference in 2020, will get refunded. If this applies to you, you will receive a separate e-mail with more information about this shortly.

We will get back to you with information about the abstracts later.

Preliminary programme

Conference content in short

Climate warming is rapidly increasing in the Arctic as well as the tourism activity. In order to start a discussion about climate change, increased tourism, vulnerable Arctic species and ecosystems, and how to build on knowledge to develop sustainable tourism, we start the conference with a panel discussion for arctic fox researchers, stakeholders, the management and stakeholders and guides of the local tourism industry at the first conference day (26. August 2022). The “Conference Icebreaker happening” will be held the same evening. The second and third day (27.-28. August 2022) are for presentations held by the arctic fox researchers and poster sessions. For the fourth day (29. August 2022) we will have a field trip by boat in the Isfjorden area for the conference participants.

Preliminary programme

The following schedule is tentative, and may be changed prior to the conference:

Friday August 26, 2022

08:00-09:00: Registration at the reception at Svalbard Research Park/UNIS
09:00-12:00: Workshop/panel discussion
12:00-12:30: Lunch (UNIS cafeteria)
12:30-17:00: Workshop/panel discussion
18:45 Bus to “Icebreaker” and dinner at Camp Barentz in Adventdalen
23:00 Bus back to Longyearbyen and hotels

Saturday August 27, 2022.

07:30-0900 Continued registration and poster set-up (Svalbard Research Park/UNIS)
09:00-09:30 Welcome word (MØYSALEN, Svalbard Research Park)
09:30-12:00 Research talks (Session 1)
12:00-13:00 Lunch (UNIS cafeteria)
13:00-16:45 Research talks (Session 2)
17:00 Poster session
19:00-22:00 Dinner

Sunday August 28, 2022.

08:30-11:45 Research talks (Session 3)
12:00-13:00 Lunch (UNIS cafeteria)
13:00-16:45 Research talks (Session 4)
17:00 Concluding remarks
19:00 Arctic fox banquet dinner

Monday August 29, 2022.

Field trip by boat (including lunch) in the Isfjorden area for the conference participants.
Dinner at a restaurant.

Practical information

Information about flight schedules and available hotels will be announced later.


Registration and abstract will open in January 2022.

There will be a differentiated participant fee for the conference that will be announced later.


Conference secretariat

Anne Kibsgaard
Senior Executive Officer
+47 91700365
contact regarding registration and practical information

Eva Fuglei
Research scientist, biology
+47 915 70 729
contact regarding abstracts and scientific programme

Chloé Nater
Postdoctoral Fellow (NTNU)
+47 913 58 598


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